Respect Me

-Teaching Respect

—— you can’t get it if you don’t give it—-

As adults we often forget that children aren’t born with a sense of respect for others. Yes it is a fact that every child has/develop their own personally,but something has to be taught. Yes, you are correct Respect is one of those things!

From birth a child learns if” I cry they will come”! But it is our job as parents and caregivers to teach them respectful ways if doing things.

Because I studied behaviors, people often ask me ” why have children gotten so disrespectful.”Truthfully there are various reasons why. It truly depending on the family.
– Some parents forget that their child is not their friend.
– Some parents find disrespectful thing funny early on and over look early signs of disrespectful behaviors.
– Some adults are not on the same page as their mate when it come to their child’s behavior and no consequences are given.
– Parents no longer teaches basic social interaction skills. Like “please ” and “thank you “.
-Some Parents are not respectful when correcting their child.
– Some parents never set limitations
-Some parents fail to set realistic expectations, which causes frustrations.
-Some parents are not consistent



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