You think you know!!

I know for people like “US ” the normal people, we think that people should just no what’s right and what’s wrong. Well let me share a story that  may help you with that theory!

Today a young man shared how he found out that he wasn’t  just getting punished,  but being abused.

He shared that daily he would get in trouble and his dad would “spank ” him with a rope or anything he had in his hand.

One day his friend asked him what happen. He told his friend that he got a “spanking “. His friend explained that he gets  “spanking ” too but it doesn’t look like that!

This guy explained that he thought that what was happening to him was the norm.  He thought that’s what spanking should look like. He thought this was how your parent/correct a child.

I know this story maybe hard to believe,  because it really shocked me!

But all I could think about was how many teachers saw the marks? How many other students saw the marks? What if his friend had never said anything ?
What if he would have done the same to his children? 

How do we break those generational barriers??


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