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Tonight I would like to explore the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system models explains how a child development is effected by the social relationship in the world around them.
When studying this research I took some time to reflect on my life. I thought about the people and things that nurtured me as I developed when I was a child.

My personalchildhood web
1. My Mom ,Dad and Family – they played the role of teacher, supporter, and provider. They influence my life by supporting and showering me with love; as I grew and develop.
2. My friends- they played the role of exploration and independence development. They influence my life by supporting me in building relationships as we grew and experience things together.
3. My journal, being that I was really shy and often overlooked; I didn’t make any connects with very many people. My journal allowed me to express my feelings and thoughts. I was greatly influenced by some of my writing and learn from many of mistakes.
4. However , there was one Older lady at my church that influence my life greatly. She had style , she had class, she was so positive, yet very honest. As I a young kid, the only thing I ever wanted to do was to be like her.

As an adult these people still influence my life. The teaching and lessons I learn from my parents are my guidelines through life. The relationship with my friends encouraged me to explore more friendship. My journey allows me to free my mind daily. And my goal to be just like the old lady at my church still stands. image


3 thoughts on “Personal Childhood Web

  1. Cheryl says:


    I enjoyed reading your blog. You had a well rounded support system. I can identify with the way you felt journaling. Although I had a good support system, I felt that I needed that extra support from school teachers and friends. I grew up shy also and was really quiet. I felt like my teachers felt that I didn’t need much and that I was fine. It is my passion to support all children but I really want to connect with the quiet child who seems to have it all together. They need connections or help at times to help them feel part of the group.


  2. eseweb says:

    This was a very interesting blog. I agree with you that “Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system models explain how a child development is effected by the social relationship in the world around them.” Close relationships with adults who provide consistent nurture strengthen children’s capacity to learn and develop. That’s what you had and your family contributed to your life turning out good and productive. I had a family that was very involved in my education too. I believe that children’s development of social skills is affected by the nature of their family and early educational experiences. This is why you and i learned and became a success in our profession…teaching. This is a nice personal childhood web. I pictures tell a lot of stories and enjoyed reading it.

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  3. kel75092 says:

    Victoria –
    Isn’t it funny how a child will typically identify with an individual that is not related that they want to immolate…I bet if asked everyone in our class could identify someone they admired and respected from afar when they were a small child. Your story of the old lady at the church brought back my own memories of a lady down the street that always exuded “togetherness”. It didn’t when I would see her or occasionally visit her, she always presented so polished. As a small child I can remember thinking “I want to be just like her”…


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