Who’s the bully

Last week I watched a parent attempt to tell her 2 year old son “No”! The mother held him firmly and said “No”! She then asked him to look in her eyes, and she said “No” again. With each “No” the child in return push and yelled at his mother. After about 3 min of the pushing, the mother took the snack out of her bag and gave it to him. She then asked him to say thank-you. The little boy took the snack and walked away without say thank-you.



It is a fact when a child tests a parent’s authority and the parent sets a limit, the child learns to control himself. Setting limits and boundaries is very important when it comes to a child’s healthy emotional development.

Most children willl describe teaching/ parenting as nagging and pestering. Per observation children that view teaching as so become a parent bully. Parent bullying is when a child is aggressive, hostile, and mean to their parents.It involves verbal assaults, physical aggression, putdowns, and unrelenting abuse. And it make the parents feels terrible and unsafe.

So ask yourself are you being bullied by your child??


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