Child Development and Public Health

Child Development and Public Health

I choice to speak on the topic of breastfeeding in reference to finding ways to save money this topic am important to me because, I work with many teen moms that do not have the money for formula.

With the rising cost of living, I found it is almost impossible for a mother to breastfeed.  I know you may be curious why I believe it is impossible. The first reason why is because breastfeeding is cheaper than other substitutes, but is not free of cost in the USA.  During the process of breastfeeding the mother has to eat more food. Nevertheless, the extra cost of food could equal to the amount of infant formula. Also, due to increase price of the cost of living, it now takes two parents to provide for a family.  This will unfortunately take way from the feed time of the child, but if mother does choice to stay home; it takes away from the house hold income.  The loss of a two person income can cause stress to the family.

Yet, in other countries where house hold income is very low breastfeeding rates are very high, because they can afford formula.  For example Bolivia a country in South America is one of the most destitute, with nearly two-thirds of its population living on $3 U.S a day. It’s about right that this country has a high breastfeeding rate because many can’t afford formula milk for their babies



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10 Countries With The Highest Breastfeeding Rates


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