Relationship Reflection

As a advocate of healthy families, I found that the development of relationships is the key fact in trust and change. Relationships are very important because it the foundation that two or more people us to build trust open. Having  a great positive relationships with parents as an advocate and parents having a positive relationship with their child is the first step in developing communication. Their are  many factors that are developed  when a positive relationship has taken place  one thing is great communication,  second thing is empathy ,and the third thing is understanding. In my life I have developed so many relationships as an advocate I have relationships with the parents and the students that I serve. This relationship allows us to be open and honest and communicate with each other. Parent’s are comfortable with sharing some of their concerns with me and they’re also comfortable with allowing me to work with their child. b

Because of that relationship that we have developed there is a mutual respect between us that I feel is almost unbreakable. Never the less I do feel that the relationship with my parents and students are is very strong however I also feel that it’s very professional. Because our relationships are based on trust honesty and empathy it allows the parents to feel comfortable and open and trusting.

Nevertheless my parents are not the only people I develop relationships with I have professional relationships with community resource workers as well as Community Days supporters these relationships allow me to share insights based on the parents needs and concerns in order to help the parents receive the help that they need on a daily basis. Building these relationships with Community workers community helpers and support groups and other services that have allowed me to share the concerns of the parents and a very positive and receiving way.

When developing a relationship I think there is a couple of things that we should keep in mind empathy respect professionalism honesty and loyalty is very important when it comes to developing a relationship whether their relationship is personal or professional.

The Early Childhood professional not only do I feel that building relationships are important with their children but also with the parent my goal is to train teachers on how to show and understand too empathetic reasons I strongly encourage all of my teachers to do motivational interviewing which will allow the parents to feel like you are working as a team and when parents and students feel like we are all working together that Bond and relationship us built.


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