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The National Black Child Development Institute

NBCDI is an organization focus is to improve and advance the quality of life for Black Children and their families through education and advocacy.

The NBCDI is a nonprofit program that provides and support programs. Workshops and developing resources for African-American children, parents, and the community in the area of education, health, welfare, parenting and growth and development. They have been a powerful and effective voice on issues related to the education, care, and health of Black children and their families.

  •   One current issue that being address by NBCDI….

    (  Challenge early learning systems to eliminate suspension and expulsion in early childhood education and provide appropriate support for teachers responding  to the needs of children.)



Early education in China (THE HUNT)

Because there is a major difference between the early childhood education program in the Republic of China and the United States mostly in the teaching methods and the amount of parent involvement, I have been on a mission to contact the program research and educator in China.  I attempted to make contact with the program, However, I have not been able to contact anyone.  

Beijing City International School – Early Childhood Center

Because of that, I attempted to contact Steiner-Khamsi,Gita  ( Professor of Education )  @ Columbia University by phone. I attempted to contact her because of her studies on globalization studies.


One thought on “Sharing Web Resources

  1. Sarah Maisey says:

    NBCDI sounds like a great resource and advocate for Black and African American children and families. Thank you for shining a light on this group.

    I wish you luck in making connections with someone in China as I think this would be really fascinating. I also imagine that the professor you are reaching out to would be a wealth of information on the contrasts between two very different educational environments.
    Much luck to you!


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