Across countries (Saving Brains)

Saving the brain

Based on current research that I explored only 1/3 of children reach their full potential!!

Yet the question is why???

In the past, it was clear that brain development was revived as a fixing process, where genetic was the blueprint.  Now we have learned that not only does genetic play and important but your brain actually physically and functionally changes with your experiences.  This process is called brain plasticity, which begins prenatally and continues to death.  It is said that in the first 1000 days is when the brain is in rapid growth mode.

As caregivers and educator understanding the importance of this development window is the key factor to strengthen “saving the brain”.

The research developed led by Grand Challenges Canada, Saving Brains seeks to improve outcomes for children living in poverty through interventions that nurture and protect early brain development in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. The Center on the Developing Child is part of a team that supports a dynamic learning community of Saving Brains innovators to help them advance the impact and scale of their work in countries around the world.

This video from Saving Brains applies the science as translated by the Center and other research to make the case for addressing the global challenge of children who do not reach their potential.

The Saving Brains portfolio of activities is designed to develop and broaden the reach of products, services, and policies that protect and nurture early brain development. Within the program, the Center works with other experts and mentors in the fields of early childhood development, innovation systems, and learning communities. Together, they work to enhance the collective impact of the Saving Brains program through the following actions:

  • Articulating a common theory for action based on scientific knowledge and practical experience
  • Developing shared metrics and evaluation frameworks for interventions
  • Fostering an ongoing learning community to accelerate innovation through sharing lessons and results
  • Encouraging policy translation through cross-sectional leadership development



One thought on “Across countries (Saving Brains)

  1. bonnieharristobias says:

    Hi victoria,
    Great display of pictures and web designs. The idea, our brain development is very significant to everyone. The process of the brain with the plastic which begin prenatally and continues to death. By the way great post.



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