Week 3-Research that Benefits Children and Families—Uplifting Stories: Option 1 Cultural Issues in Ethical Research

One topic after reading this chapter that stood out to me was how some researchers treat minority groups as curiosities rather than as people, or as objects to be researched, rather than subjects.  Cultural differences between researchers and the researched may lead to misunderstanding.

When doing research with family I think it can be a challenge. In my current job, I see a clear difference in the way testing is done based on cultural, which causes me to feel that the outcome may not be accurate. For example, we offer a parent survey (pre-test) and  I assumed that parents are scoring really low on the survey because they can’t comprehend the question.

Yet, when we review the topic in class they are able to verbal give the correct answer. Yet the score from there pre-test is being used in research and studies. I am not sure how to change that or to make I better.

However, we have found that reading  the question , is one way to help and to make sure that the test taker are getting a clear understanding.


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