My Research !

mnb My research journey started with the rude awaking about toxic stress and how it can affect the development of young children.

Not only can it affect their development but cause derail future growth and development well in a person adult life.  My current focus of this research is to explore how toxic stress better known as ADEVERESE CHILDHOOD EXPERICES can affect the development of soical , Emotional and Cognitive development.

The chart above provides a snapshot of how toxic stress/adverse childhood experiences can affect the development of a child. From a personal assumption to create a better society we first have to start with fostering healthy development in young children.  But healthy development can be disrupted by excessive or prolonged adversities. 

Such adversities know as toxic stress can have harmful effects on learning, behavior, development, and future health Sigler, M. K. (2016).  Learning how to cope with adversities early on appears to be the foundation of healthy development.

 From a personal hypothesis, the two main factors that will help with the fight against toxic stress are the development of resilience and healthy early social and emotional/ cognitive development. 



Sigler, M. K. (2016). Expanding Transition: Redefining School Readiness in Response to Toxic Stress. Voices In Urban Education, (43), 37-45. 


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