Blog Assignment Week 5: Research around the World


What are some of the current international research topics?

The area I decided to explore was Germany, I found attendance at nursery school ( Kindergarten) is voluntary in Germany and parents are required to pay a fee. However, in some western areas of Germany, there aren’t nearly enough nursery school places available to meet demand. Due to the long waiting lists, some parents enroll their children at birth to ensure a place once the children get old enough.

What surprising facts/insights/new ideas about early childhood did you gain from exploring this international early childhood website?

I also found because of the low number of childcare program parents aren’t able to work and because of that at one point In 2013, Germany declared that every child over the age of 1 has the legal right to space in a public daycare facility. This past fall, while America’s election unfolded, Germany’s highest court took this mandate one step further: It ruled that parents may sue for lost wages if they can’t find a place for their child in a public daycare center. This decision came in response to three mothers who filed a lawsuit declaring that authorities neglected to create the necessary daycare slots required by the 2013 ruling. Because the mothers couldn’t find a child-care center with any openings in their hometown of Leipzig, their lawyers argued that they were unable to return to work after giving birth, resulting in a loss of earnings.

Because of the shortage in early development program, parents enroll their children at birth to ensure a place for their child, most parent struggle to pay for childcare due to limited space.

What have been done The Commission has set out the priorities for early childhood education and care – with the aim of improving access to and the quality of services from birth to the start of compulsory schooling

What other noteworthy information did I find on this website?

This site also spoke about next steps and plans for 2020.

  • By 2020 at least 95% of pre-school children of 4 years or older should participate in early childhood education. Countries’ improvements in relation to the target are monitored on a yearly basis
  • EU countries are currently developing methods to monitor the quality of early childhood schooling and care. These efforts are coordinated by the Thematic Working Groups for Schools policy



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