Hello, My name is Victoria

I am an Early Childhood  Specialist,here in Memphis ,TN. My hope is to become a parent advocate for all parents. My goal is is bring  awareness to the importance of parenting classes and support programs. My desire /goal is to bring awareness to effective and affective parenting. I hope to one day  share with the world what parenting should look like in this age and time.  I am aware that things aren’t the same, I am  also aware that children aren’t the same, but I do know that there are some classic morals and values that every child need that will aid them as they become adults. My goal is to make parenting education the norm and even aspirational.  To me  no question is a dumb question when it comes to parenting.  I expect you not to know and that’s ok with me.  Just like a growing child mistakes will be made. However the goal is to learn from the mistakes and find a way to do better the next time.   For me parenting is not a task that anyone  should  have to do alone.