Words of Inspiration and Motivation

The three most factors of being a part of a collaborative which helps with my  professional growth and development are:

  • New Learning  – learning from the strength of others
  • shared goal –  a group of people working together to promote change.
  • Having help a group of people devoted to help each other

One goal I Hope that we all share is finding was to make a stand for the change. In the form of putting what we have learned to work.  Over this course I truly feel we all have powerful and ideas, which could be very effective in the development for our future children. I myself plan to make a stand for early development by starting and early childhood professional development program which assist teacher in creating and fun , trauma informed , inclusive  , safe, and healthy leaning environment.

Thanks everyone for reading and sharing growth and learning with me. I will you all the bet of luck..

——- Thank you, Dr. Horton for your feedback and interaction.


The Political Will to Improve Early Childhood Systems



A  mother age 34, pregnant with her 1st child. She  has lost two babies before and has been put on bed rest.  She has struggled with dehydration and other problem causing her to feel something was not right.  She is in her 6th month  and have been to the emergency room four times fro pain.   The doctor feel they may have to take the baby early.  The baby was born two months early and is  receiving oxygen because he struggles to breath on his own. Mother was just release three days ago with no diagnoses why she was dehydrated. The baby is still on oxygen and have a feeding tub.


Thank you for  your feedback

Parent, Family, and Community Engagement

Parent, Family, and Community Engagement to me is what I call the “big happy family”!!

In all success stories, there is always and the element of growth or what I label as a light bulb moment! I just enjoyed the success stories.  To see a child, parent or community grow or overcome something is the one reason why personally I do what I do.  I believe that we are stronger together; when a child or a family have a support I believe personal growth and benefits are limitless.  I think the push to connect Parenting, family, education and community development we will see growth among families and children will be super. I wait the moment where we stand together in support of the whole families, reshaping the culture of what family development, early development, and family development look like.  When this happens will have more and more success story to share!

Quality Programs for All Children

The outlook on parent education, community outreach, and early development have grown. The current public view on the subject of quality services for young children and families is on the rises.  The framework of the importance and the need has been created. Yet the system in reference to linking early childhood, parent education, and community outreach are still in the building stage. Yet when it comes to the public opinions, it is very clear it can be good or bad.  We also know that there are many things that can influence the public opinions.  Early education over the years has been seen as a home relief program for parents or as a plan to help the economic crisis is that now both parents have to work.

Yet, with different programs like NAYCE and the Early Success Collection early development, early childhood, and family development has become and HOT TOPIC and the awareness of parent, doctor, educator and community leaders are increasing.  With this new awareness, the opinion of the public will change.  I personally feel high-quality programs for all children will be the key to increase the awareness of early development and family development.

What Resonates with me about Early Childhood Public Policy and Advocacy?

I choose this specialization because I really like the thought of advocating for children and families.   I personally feel as if advocating chose me, when I started my journey in early childhood education I met a little girl that was the angriest three-year-old I have ever met.  Yet over time, I became that little girl voice, the voice that restore a family relationship that was falling apart. Over my 15 plus years of working in early childhood education, I have been the voice for many children, as a result, restore many relationships. What I like about advocacy is being able to help families create a path that fits their needs, this is often done through finding resources, listening, and providing training.   What I hope to learn from this class is the public policy. I want to know how to reach legislators or how to propose a change that will benefit families and children. I also want to explore ways that I can find long lasting funding to support families and community and they embrace their journey change.




Thank you for generously allowing me the opportunity to learn and get new insights from each one. I wish good fortune to all of you as you pursue your next course and next level in life. screenshot_2016-06-26-17-42-50.png

Adjournment and Goodbye

  • Five stages of team development
  • forming
  • storming
  • norming
  • performing and adjourning

Reflecting on a group that modeled these five stages was a small community group that I was a part of. This was a group of like-minded people with one goal in mind, which was to help young teen learned more about life skills.  As a team, I found that we communicate very well and we share ideas with each other peacefully.  This week as I learned about the five stages of team development which is forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning  (Abudi, 2010).  I reflected on how this class is the class is about to adjourn.

Looking over our group discussion I feel we share ideas and build on a topic as a team which modeled the five stages.  The discussion board allowed us to form, storm, norm, and perform when sharing ideas. I know personally, the discussion has allowed me to come to answer to things that I have to deal with at work.  In most cases, it is not done purposefully but I think we have followed these five steps and wasn’t aware.


Abudi, G. (2010). The five stages of team development: A case study. Retrieved from http://www.projectsmart.co.uk/the-five-stages-of-team-development-a-case-study.html